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This is a post about my first commission

I had shown my final mock ups to BlueLabs and hadn't heard back from them for a while. Then I did. And they needed the paintings done in two weeks because they're offices were going to be used for a commercial shoot!!!!! (EEEEEEEEEEE) So I painted my butt off and delivered the paintings the day before the shoot (October 25, 2016).

Here are some installation photos:

I am so proud of this work. I had such a great time working with BlueLabs and their staff. It was a true collaboration of minds and hearts. I hope the paintings come to represent them for years to come.

Take a look at the commercial Amalgamated Bank created for Blue Labs.

I am forever grateful for the serendipitous nature of becoming involved with this commission. I will never forget the conversation, or should I say monologue, I had about my work at Pancakes and Booze. A conversation about creating unity and peace and a place of harmony and love for one another.

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