Paintings from Yesteryear

Hi There! My parents have always been very supportive of my endeavors with art and as a result their house is sort of a gallery to my past paintings. Luckily they live in the DC Metro Area too and I finally went to document the paintings. We’ll see if they get to keep them! :P

Art in the Alley Submission

This is so exciting! I'm using the momentum created from selling at the DCAC Wallmountables show and the NNG PopUp to serioualy up my art game. Yesterday I made my first art website + blog and today I applied to my first submission based and I believe juried art show! The show is called Art in the Alley. I went last year and it was SO fun. It is basically a huge block party which includes local artists. I want to be accepted so bad, but I think applying was also a great experience in itself. I have to wait until September 14 to find out if I was selected. Wish me luck! I'll let you know either way. Art in the Alley is a one-day art festival celebrating local art in local places. It is held t

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